Dr. Roger Amar, founder of the FAMI™ fat transfer technique

Dr. Roger developed the FAMI™ technique in 1997 and although fat grafting and fat transfer seem to be new procedures, Dr. Amar has been practising these techniques for many years. The FAMI™ procedure provides rare longevity and predictability in rejuvenation procedures through the use of purified adult stem cells, injected into the core of a patient’ facial muscles

Quote from an anti-aging Expert

“The FAMI™ technique is an innovative approach that helps restore some of the underlying defects that are responsible for the appearance of aging.

It rejuvenates the face by implanting the patient’s own adult mesenchymal stem cells; thus, restructuring the facial skeletal and subcutaneous structure to a more youthful state.

Dr. Roger Amar’s contributions have been to develop a technique of mesenchymal tissue integration that permits lasting improvement. It is likely that this approach will prove to be one of the best techniques to improve the
appearance of aging individuals.

—Arthur K. Balin, MD, PhD, FACP.

Dr. Roger Amar’s Biography

Using an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and proprietary instruments designed specifically for the procedure, Dr. Amar has perfected the FAMI™ approach through the use of a patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells. Extracted from a patient and purified in a custom-designed centrifuge, these cells are then introduced back into the patient’s body through a deep, cellular graft. read more.

Dr. Roger Amar’s Credentials

Medical Doctor of the University of Paris 1970

Internship, Paris Hospitals in Medicine

Residence, Marseille Hospitals in General Surgery

Assistant Professor in ANATOMY

Assistant Professor in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Marseille Regional Center Of Cancer.

Graduate in Plastic Surgery

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