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Important Cosmetic Surgery Information

In cosmetic surgery today, one of the most popular procedures is fat grafting. According to the media, it is a very the ‘state-of-the-art’ in cosmetic surgery. But it is well known that fat transfer doesn’t last more than few months with long lasting bruising and swelling!


In fact for Dr. Amar’ technique called FAMI™ this is not the case. The revolutionary FAMI™ technique was used from 1997 to replace the surgical face lifting and blepharoplasty with INJECTIONS into facial muscles and under periosteum of adipose stem cells. They are the mesenchymal tissues of vascular stromal fraction (SVF) which are everyoung and can restore any soft tissue in the face whith good vascularization for best oxygenation of the graft as muscles.
For thos reason FAMI™ stands for Facial Autografting MUSCLE Injection.


Whether you call it fat grafting, facial fat transfer, fat injection, stem cell facelift, face-lifting with adult stem cells, lipostructure or various other names, FAMI™ is the process of harvesting stem cells from your own fat and replacing it into the face. You can read more about this procedure on Dr. Roger Amar’s main website: Fat Grafting


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